IMG_2171Hi guys! How’s life going? Today I am going to talk about my favorite lipstick colors that I’ve been wearing for my shoots. If you asked me 2 years ago if I had any favorite lipsticks I would’ve said: “What? Lipstick? It’s so old lady-like. Lipgloss is a real thaang.” But, here I am holding not one, not even two but three lipsticks that I actually use. I don’t know what made me think that girls should only use a lip gloss. A few years ago I would go for neutral colors like pale pink or pale pink:)) That was the only color I liked back then. Brighter lips make you feel  confident and sexier. You just have to find the color that looks good on you. I’m not an expert in identifying the right lip color. But, from my own experience I know that the best way is to go to the beauty/cosmetic store and test the lipsticks yourself. You can always ask for help if you don’t know which brand/color to choose. That’s how I got myself these beauties.

I gotta tell you the story. So, I’ve been wanting a purple lipstick for quite a while but wasn’t sure If purple would look good on me. One day, I specifically made a trip to Sephora to find the long-wanted purple lipstick and possibly buy it. As I was standing near the products display one of the Sephora sales associates asked if I was looking for anything specific. I said: “I am looking for a purple lipstick. Don’t know which brand, shade, color. I know I want it to be purple.”  I was trying to picture the exact purple shade that I would wanted…Then I looked at her lips and she was wearing the exact purple color I liked on her lips.

Bam! I said: “I want the color on your lips. That’s exactly what I want.” She smiled and said that I came to the right person. I took it as a sign. C’mon what are the chances of you looking for a purple lipstick and the person who is going to help you is wearing that color? I was right. She was amazingly helpful. Her name was Shantavia (hope I spelled it right). It’s not a good picture, you can’t really see the real color. The color on her lips looked really good in real life. So, she ran off to get all the purple shade lipsticks they had in store. I tried them all and chose YSL Rouge Volupte Shine’s Violet Incognito color and Boxum’s Swinger  color.


Here I was testing the purple Dior lipstick while she left to get more colors. I liked the color but it was too sheer.  Sorry, my iphone doesn’t take good pictures.

IMG_2177YSL’ lipstick is dark, I would call it a dark cherry purple color. It feels smooth and has a light fruity smell. The lipstick literally stays all day. Even after I ate the color was still on. I wish it was matte or at least non-glossy.


IMG_2178Boxum’s Swinger color (vivid magenta) is closer to true purple. This one has a little glossy texture as well, not too glossy though. It doesn’t have any smell which I like since I prefer non-smelly products. Another great thing is that I can mix these two colors to get a beautiful lighter cherry purple color which I love love.


Here I am wearing the Swinger color.

IMG_2176And here is Revlon’s Persian Melon lipstick.  This one is a drug store product which I bought about two years ago, and it was my first bright lipstick. I remember I had a party to attend and I was planning to wear my old black dress. Since I wasn’t going to buy a new dress I decided to buy a bright lipstick. So, all the attention goes not to my dress but to my lips:)  The color is really bright, it is a rich pink color with an orange undertone. It has a super lipsticky smell. Like the ones that our grandma’s used to use. You should know what I’m talking about:) Longevity wise, it doesn’t stay long. Once you drink or eat it’s gone so you have to reapply it. But, the color is really pretty. It is bright and refreshing. I’m not sure if the tube is still looks same.

IMG_1837Here another picture from my older posts where I was wearing the Revlon lipstick.

Ok, omg!!! I just realized that it might be expired! Right? It’s been almost two years…Let me look at the tube, will be right back…

So, I’m back. I just looked at the tube and there’s no expiration date on it. I’m assuming it is expired. I have to find out. But, if you really like the color you can purchase the new one:) Which lipsticks are you planning to wear for 2014? This post is not only for ladies. Boys, you can always get a lipstick for your girlfriend, sister, mom etc. Or maybe you are a guy who likes to wear lipsticks. Whoever you are, hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great day/night. And I will see you guys soon! Stay focused on your 2014 goals:) (reminder).

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